Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Riding the COASTER

Its Wednesday, otherwise known as Hump Day. I have been lucky enough to received an 'atta girl' with my sailboat thank you cards from the Mother to be, so that makes the day alittle brighter. Things at my job are alittle crazy, alittle like riding a coaster... including that lift your belly does when you are going up and down.... the screams of excitement (but they aren't excitement here) and then it all comes to end, where you decide if you get back in line for another turn, or just walk away.... somehow I am torn to which I should do... take another ride, or walk away...

Nonetheless, I have some COASTER tiles to share with you today. I didn't color them, as they were my testers... one thing I learned - DO NOT CLEAR COAT SPRAY CLOSE TO TILES, it makes the ink run, even if they were inked weeks ago!

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