Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Inspiration Challenge

I love this picture. And when I look at it - I can hear my hunny saying to me "Get off the Behr paint website"... LOL.. true its really true! This picture is such my taste, so when I spotted it as an inspiration, I couldn't turn it down. The colors, the clean lines... you name it!

Then I tried to create something that caught my eye... and I am still going.. It needs something...

The card base is textured CS in Curry, which I hardly ever touch in my stash. I wanted to recreate the look of the flowers on the table. I liked to make a paper lamp.. not sure of it but I will adjust.. WHAT DO YOU THINK? SUGGESTIONS PLEASE???

Edited 1/28/2010:

Altered with some suggestions and I like it! So here is take 2! Thank you for your suggestions!


Melissa said...

Cute card Chera! Hmm.. if you think it needs something, maybe a little ribbon on the side?

I adore textured cardstock. If you use it up, you'll just *have* to buy more.. oops? lol

Jen Timko said...

Just love your vase and the little "lamp"!! Cute card!

Marie said...

Ooohh...I love how you literally interpreted parts of the photo. Nicely done - each of your cards are fabulous Chera!! Thank so much for playing along.