Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You make me SMILE like the SUN

I cannot get enough of this song! I have fallen in love with it everytime I hear it! I know that my kids are sick of it, and therefore, promised that once I get this project completed, I will STOP turning the volume up WAY to loud, when they are in the car with me! I promised that once its completed, I will no longer sing out parts of the song, as apart of the daily routine.. of course, I will still do so when I write notes for their after school enjoyment!.. since all my promises were made VERBALLY... not mentioning WRITING them down... see ladies what you can get yourself into when you are in my house! HA HA!

My challenge was that this little SONG ALBUM, I am putting together, is made with PUNCHES so I can show off what you can do with all sorts of punches. So there is the STAR punch and WIDE OVAL. I had to marker on the mouth since I couldn't perfect it any other way. The album is circle chipboard, 5 pages on a ring.

Stay tuned for more!!

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