Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Awesome Lavender Lace...

or is it Lovely Lavender?

I think my ink pad says one color and my cardstock quoted another... guess one is retired, and the other one soon will be. Yes, another purple card... who would have thought? I can only say, be prepared for a few more. The 12 yo and I were in the Craft cave for alittle bit over the weekeknd and cranked out some purple cards... there is your warning... just sayin!

I actually should have made this a pink card, for the fact that a dear friend of mine was in town since she found out her mum has breast cancer. She has headed back home (AZ) to get stuff ready for mum to live with them while she heads to treatment. I am actually speechless when it comes to this sort of happenings, since she just flew in, visted drs, and flew back - leaving behind a note that said "Mum's coming home with me, be back in a week to get her"... DANG.

I decided to make it a purple color since they are painting mum's room purple and grey. This card can sit on her dresser and remind her.. SHE IS AWESOME. I will add something uplifting in the center for mum to read when she heading to treatment. God Bless her.

As for my dearest friend... she will get a ROCKSTAR card, since she totally rocks, taking this on with the vengence. Her heart of gold shines through once again!

Ingredients: Stamps: 5th Ave Floral, FYI; CS: Lavender Lace, Grey, white; Ink: lovely lavender; ribbon; rhinestone brads

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