Friday, October 8, 2010

Thanks to you OWL...

NOTE OF THANKS... {sarcasm}
... to AAA for getting my maps / trip ticket to me, so I just printed it offline and had to visit bookstore for state map (MYSELF).
... to my FT employer for the last two weeks of OT, which not only had my butt in bed past midnight & up before the butt crack of dawn, and therefore I didn't make it to the gym ONE darn DAY.
... to the change in weather as quickly as it did, because searching for colder weather clothing was NOT in the books these last few days.
... to my cell phone, for deciding to function when it wanted to, and not when I needed it to.

NOTE OF THANKS.... {positive}
.... to my teens who were kind enough to get some things done at the house without the slightest bit of "I WANT, or I NEED", while I had OT.
.... to my fiancee, who had quite the heart to heart with the kids about where life was at the moment, and what lies in the future.
.... to Coffeemate Sugar Free French Vanilla Creamer - because without you- I would have flipped my lid, more then I could imagine.
.... to my Followers... who force me to ink up rubber, punch out cardstock (because they keep coming back for more -- YEA!!!) and allow me vent when it beckons.
I am sure you got more then you bargained for on this one!
Have a great day!


Basement Stamper said...

I think you are on your trip, hope you are enjoying it and share some pics along the way! Great card, love the owl and the colors of it.

catscrafts said...

this is really cute, keep up the good work and sharing