Monday, February 28, 2011

Countdown to Birthday week


Its not even TODAY... but we are celebrating all week long!

Its not a milestone birthday, but its still MINE and I can celebrate any way I want - right? I only get one day a year to proclaim --
This means - no cleaning, no cooking {gasp!}, no decision making regarding the teens (all decisions have to wait until the day after)... Of course the things I do usually have to do is GO TO WORK and THEN TO THE GYM... sacrifices right, I know!

Therefore, I want to bring you BIRTHDAY CARDS all week long! Maybe even slide in a few desserts too.. I tried to put together a cupcake box for the card, but there wasn't time for any baking, so maybe later this week.. OK?
Here is Day 1 of Birthday week card:

Pacific Point with Melon & Peach Parfait. The funky fold in the middle of the card is a 4 inch square, folded in half (to make a triangle) and then repeat the other side. Take each "point" and fold to center. Last, fold 'point' back to the side. Its pretty easy and once you get started they are fun to make. I am not sure how well they will mail. I liked it with some DSP, in Pacific Point as well!  I used some beads on the cupcake icing with the 2 way glue pen, for a sprinkles look, and crimpled a cut out section of cupcake holder.

I even remembered to decorate the inside - with some of the Ice Cream Parlor accessories - I used the scallop edging along the bottom of Peach Parfait.


I managed to put together a little treat bag. I used the same funky fold technique and then cut the center out of the treat holder to see what is inside.  Then I added a piece of transparency so the goodies wouldn't fall out!
 I fill it with caramel kisses, who doesn't love a little Kiss?

Thank you for stopping by!

Hug the ones you love!

Have a great day!


Basement Stamper said...

love how that looks! Happy early Birthday!

Selene Kempton said...

Happy birthday! you deserve a day not to cook or clean! :D Adorable box!

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday WEEK! loooove cupcakes! So cute

Teresa Hafso said...

I just looooovvvveeee it! PS. Happy Birthday and please eat a piece of cake for me. Yummmmy