Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thanks for Caring

It does without much saying, that Chera and sympathy cards, are not a match.

I do not mesh well with the elegance of sympathy card. So when the Occasions Mini arrived and  I set my eyes on the stamp set "THANKS FOR CARING"  - I knew I had to give it a shot.. otherwise, I guess I would still suck be lost with sympathy cards.  I get that noone likes to make them, but some really have a knack for all that elegance. Someday I will overcome this.. I know.

 The so safrron ribbon is your 'lift tab' to remove the center portion. This I liked when I say it in a magazine. Its not really a criss cross card, but rather just a card turned sideways...

The ribbon keeps the card together, but you could adhere the card along two sides- making it more of a pocket card.

COLOR COACH: So Saffron,AlwaysArtichoke, CajunCraze
Stamps: Thanks for Caring, Elements of Style
So Saffron Ribbon, Twill ribbon

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meonlake said...

I agree about hating to make sympathy cards - needed two this week. This one is perfect. Thanks.
Marsha E