Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Many blessings

today, I am truly blessed...
my son turns 16 today and all he wants for his birthday is
 a homemade pumpkin pie.
no car.
no video game.
 A pie.

He never has been a child of wants or needs. 
For this I am truly blessed!

I know you are all growing tired of my Thanksgiving cards, so you will be happy to know that this is the last of the stack!

I used the "coffee filter" technique. Its really simple. You stamp on a coffee filter, crumb it up, and then spread it out and adhere it to cardstock.  Sounds simple, right? 

 It really is that simple. There is a texture that stays, and its really cool. However, I did have someone tell me it looked like "wet toilet paper".  So much for using a technique, I thought was simple and cool.

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

Give Thanks This Day
For family. For friends. For good food.
For stories that get better with age.
And for the time we have to gather around a table
with the people we love.



Basement Stamper said...

happy birthday to your boy, hope the pumpkin pie turned out yummy for him. I love the coffee filter technique, love how it looks!

Rose said...

Very pretty, I like the textured look it has, toilet paper, are they crazy. Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday to your son.

Anonymous said...

This is "Faux Silk," not "wet toilet paper"!!! I've done it with crumpled up tissue paper but like the idea of Coffee Filters, which are a bit thicker (and less prone to tear). I used a glue stick to adhere onto Cardstock. What did you use?

Nance in Reno