Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mardi Gras!

Its more about food today then crafting  so here is your advance warning, I do apologize. 
I got into the spirit and made king cakes.. which weren't as difficult as I thought! It made 4 giant cakes, though I didn't mind, I just hope that equally they shared the same great taste. I didn't put all the sugar glaze on the top, with the sugar sprinkles for two reasons... they have to be eaten faster  and second- hold on to it.. ready? The resident sugar fene said it would be too much..
TOO MUCH.!!!          
Apparently  she knows that bikini weather is  in a few months!

 The recipe I used is from Back to the Cutting Board, and it is delish!

 These are just out of the oven, and had to cool for four hours, in which they cooled overnight!  RECIPE HERE: King cake

They are the size of a soccer ball, I swear!  The 1SGT tried one, and then continued to eat the rest of it!  You can eat them for breakfast, there is no rule saying you have to have them as dessert!  So - dig in!

For dinner, I am still in the midst of making Jambalaya, New Orleans style. Yes, this is not your box mix with sausage added!  I am talking about cook the chicken thighs, thaw the shrimp and get your Creole spices out !! 

Will Cook for Friends
 Obviously this isn't my own, since mine is still a cooking!  I have a pot full of ingredients ready to complete when I am back from work!

Go ahead...
Get your party hats on... get your dancing shoes polished off and have a grand ole time!!!

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