Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WHOOO's birthday

 On Monday, while most people were celebrating the holiday, my daughter wanted to make a card for her friend Shannon. I didn't mind. It was rainy, miserable almost to get alot of outside things completed. So really we made chowder and hung out in our jamas most of the day.

When I asked her what the plan was..she knew she wanted Owls, and no pink.. With those two things set aside, we were in business for this birthday card. 

She put this guy together and I asked her to pose with it.. so here was take 1.

Then I decided that maybe the card itself- without the artist would be appropriate.

I managed to get one 'decent' shot of her with the card. Of course this pose was quick and then she said "MOM, my hair is all wild and I'm in my jamas".. I promised not to tag her in it and she was fine! LOL


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