Monday, October 7, 2013

Pear sauce making day

Over the weekend, a sister of mine, my daughter and I made Pear sauce (like apple just pear) - since its an item we cannot seem to live without - we do this almost every October.

We usually only do one type of pear but since it was up for discussion on which pear makes the best sauce, we did two different  types and we voted... we aren't really sure which we like better!


Its an all day process to make the sauce, and can it, but its so worth it in the end. We had Chinese for lunch, the weather was beautiful and later on, when my daughter tired of the making, she baked some cookies for us! LOL... 

I really needed to use some retired paper in my stash. I have been hoarding long enough!  So though I used the same paper and designed side, I made two different cards... they are alittle busier for me- but I like them.


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Hug the ones you love! 

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Basement Stamper said...

pear sauce sounds yummy and I love your cards, the scroll font on them is gorgeous.