Thursday, October 13, 2016

Boo Crew & Boo You!

I have a 2016 goal to get my holiday cards out before the holidays... no matter what holiday it is (birthdays, anniversaries included).  This is sometimes very difficult for me because I forget to take picture upon completion and I want to do that among the other chaos, and then I am late/forget. Procrastination at its best - they are being addressed and 1SG is stuffing envelopes and I am like "OH WAIT"... Click (with camera phone).  No best lighting but still just as cute.


I really am trying to keep to that 'goal' ... its October and I have only missed 6 birthdays! LOL.. thats usually the reminder I get from the other half.  I have started on the Christmas cards... GOAL=  completed about 10 a week. Starting in  September. To date: I have made 15 & 7 of those are not glued together, they are ready for assembly - thats half the battle right?

I have a good excuse... I made 20 of these little pumpkin guys- and they were a time consuming! 


And then we went to the Apple Orchard, and I have been cooking & preparing for the applesauce making. 1SG ran the Army Ten Miler, on October 9, so we spent the weekend in DC, and so... 

I will catch up... I promise! ... a few late nights before December 6 most likely! 

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day! Hug the ones you love!  

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