Friday, October 17, 2008

AH- Choo !!!

Bless you! Its something that I have been saying constantly in the office for atleast two weeks. Not sure if its the weather changing, allergies or something in the air, but there have been signs of the first colds/sinus issues of the 'colder' months all around. I even remembered to bring in another box of tissues for the office, and the old staples - cough drops, tea, soups for lunch, etc.

Get out the chicken soup, the tissues, maybe some ginger tea and curl up in a blanket, its that time of year.

I haven't really used this set as much as I wish I would, it paints a cute card.


Stamps: Under the weather

CS: Real red, moss, blue

Ink: Black

White ribbon, crystal effects, eyelets

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