Wednesday, October 1, 2008

HOPE for a cure....

In honor of the October being Breast Cancer Month, I would to present a pink card a week.
Anyone that knows me, will be shocked to see that I even have PINK cardstock... but come on, I have a daughter who rides up and down on a "whether or not PINK is cool or not" roller coaster! LOL. So I have to have some shades of the color, and there are enough out there I can live with. With the "hope" that soon a cure is found, or that more people have better "awareness" of cancer, I will donate my cards to a local hospice.

I actually believe this card might be a year old... I found it in my stash recently and was like.. OH its almost October. Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Introducing: The Save the Ta-tas Foundation

FANTASTIC NEWS! As of August 16, 2008 ta-tas® Brand is proud to introduce our ALL NEW non-profit sister company The Save the Ta-tas Foundation.

The Save the ta-tas Foundation exists for the advancement of cancer awareness, education and prevention, and to aid in the fight to find a cure. 5% of all sales of ta-tas Brand products will be donated toThe Save the Ta-tas Foundation.

The Save the Ta-tas Foundation will continue to support outstanding organizations that lead the way in the fight against cancer, such as The Revlon Run/Walk for Women and more.

Stay tuned for our Grand Opening and Website Launch scheduled for September 9, 2008.

For more information, or to donate contact Jasmine at1-877-MY-TATAS

TFL and feel your tatas this month!!!

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