Sunday, November 9, 2008

CORK, not just for wine

We all have people that are getting alittle hard to buy for... be it birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries... whatever...

So this year for my Gram's birthday, I made a few things she can keep down at her Summer home. This is the place that everyone in the family spends time at - and sometimes forgets who has made it possible for us to relax and have a less costly vacation... I found cork magnets at JoAnn's for about $1, and cut it to look like a fan shell.. .then made some push pins for the cork, to display on the fridge.

We put coupons, phone numbers, or grocery lists up there and only have about 3 magnets to keep them all in place... well my folks- that is all about to change!!!! I mean afterall, I have to come up with something for Christmas.

She put it right on the fridge once she got it, so I guess it met with approval...

Thanks for looking! - Have a great weekend!

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