Sunday, January 4, 2009

Bathroom remodel

I have to share some of the home renovations as they get complete... however I cannot locate some of my before... so for starters.. this mirror is covering up the hole that the 1970's medicine cabinet with two lights had once been. it was a blonde wood with wicker in it (not my style and desperately crying out for help!). The walls had been white since I moved in over 5 years ago, since the tile is this brown color that doesn't have a nice look to it with many colors, but I chose blue and I love it! .. ! I fell in love with the long vanity mirror and now have to use it for all my needs... from brushing my teeth to putting my face on... this is the mirror and light that showed me I have some grey hair... I blame the home renovations and kids for them... not my early 30's age!

I learned how to put up crown molding!!! What a big project that was...but I delighted with the look of it, and my new shower curtain... I am very happy with the turn out. I kept the floor that was there and this blue hue comes out in the floor- so I am pleased. I didn't get a good shot of the toilet topper, but I was desperate for more storage, and this does it... I will take more, trust me, some how cleaning the bathroom is not much of a chore anymore! LOL

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