Thursday, March 19, 2009

Coupon Collector

So I am a thrifty shopper, I am a price reduction magnet, I am not totally crazy about all that stuff, but I am coupon cutter to say the least. The ONLY issue I have it that usually I have this envelope that goes with me and its not organized well, but it houses the coupons I am taken with me. On my list, I put a C in a circle to identify I have a coupon for it. All makes sense right? Then why is it I never seem to use all the coupons I want t use when I am out shopping?

I saw this box, it had cards and envelopes on both sides, it was pretty, and it was something that I would make as a gift set. But I totally invisioned it as my grocery list / coupon holder! I didn't use both sides as they were, but with a little assistance, I got it to where I needed it to be. List on one side (because I am left handed I didn't want the spirals on the other side, and flipped the box and the list sides), coupon holder on the other. What I need now is to print out coupon dividers for in the box area. I have used it for 3 grocery trips so far, and Honestly, I am so glad I did. I managed to use a paper that I liked, as well as the guys wouldn't get all weirded out about holding when necessary. Lets face it, grocery shopping is a team effort!

The ribbons tie together and hold it shut, it fits perfect in the one side of my purse, and when I am in the store, I feel just a tad more organized! I am making a few for some others in the family... shhhhhhhhh don't tell!

The template is created by the one and only Lauren Meader, of My Timeless Templates of PTI and of course a great source of inspiration these days.

Thank you for looking.

CS: Burgundy, Pink, Black, Designer paper from a paper pack
Ribbon is burgundy, pen, memo pad which measures about 4 x 5 1/2

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