Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chicken Dance Anyone...

A friend of mine, through my Fiancee, recently celebrated her 50th birthday with her sisters in Brussels... talk about celebrating in style! He asked me to make a card and honestly I couldn't pass up the opportunity to ink up some new rubber... and then I wanted to water color... so I have the main portion the of the card completed, but no idea where I want to do with the rest. Any suggestions?

I matted it on black, and rounded the edges, and then I just didn't have much more left in me... but I love love love the stamp!!! and then I have to put a saying with it... so I am really searching for ideas.
EDITED: I completed the card, and its postal, I added some rhinestones to the earrings on the chickens, some glitter to the boa, and crystal effects to the toenails and bracelets. I added a "50...?" in blue, then on the inside, I added "NOW that is something to squawk about! Happy Birthday". It was mounted on real red card stock. I liked it, but didn't get pictures of it. DARN!!! o well, next time I will remember. Thank you all for your suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Never too old to shake your tail feathers!

Anonymous said...

How about either glitter or some rhinestones to jazz it up?