Friday, April 17, 2009


Heres the scoop: My fiancee (some how using FH = Future Husband seemed silly) is leaving for a business trip to Honduras April 20-25 (though this isn't unusual) which he will be home for three days before he heads to Florida for a military school/training for four months before deployment for at least 12 months. I am not lacking on the projects to get completed, but the time to spend with him. So I will have some MIA time, but it wont be long. He leaves for his school 27 April. I have 5 days left in which I have time with him. Which I get to share with my kids too.

I am an emotional rollercoaster, and would love nothing more to either sit in the craft studio and stamp away, and forget that the world is still turning, however, I am not so lucky. I have done this before not too long ago when he spent 8 months he spent in AZ... but I got to visit him, and he wasn't deploying afterwards.. nor were we engaged or living together... now ... its different, we have little information regarding his school, so I have no idea if I can visit, (I mean its white sandy beaches in the pan handle of FL.. come on, who doesn't want to visit that?

So bare with me... I have some stuff up my sleeve, but nothing out there yet. ok?


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