Thursday, December 31, 2009


I hope you all had a great Christmas and have a wonderful new year!

While I am alittle absent, I am getting focused for another new year, with all its adventures, getting some family time in, ... mainly getting some of my craft cave put together.

Now is the time I get to get organized since we have been having pouts of snow, rain and snow again. Keeps me in with a pot of coffee.

Sometimes I think would I miss this? Jury is still out.. its nice and peaceful, but messy and I am not a winter weather sports gal... except for the occasional tubing adventure!

On another note: Once the New Year settless in- I will be rejuvenated and back at it.

So go ahead...

Hug/Kiss the ones you love and May your 2010 start out with great pleasures!

One last thing:

I have fallen in love with Uncle Krackers new song- Smile.

If you are not familiar with it you have to google the lyrics, I have some creative juices flowing with it to start the new year... so stay tuned!


1 comment:

Diana D said...

Absolutely stunning work. Now this it the type of thing I have in my head to try and just don't know how. You are certainly amazing!!
Thank you for sharing.