Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rose without her thorns...

OK, so this is the story... I had to be awake very early on a weekend when I should have been able to sleep my dearest self in... but really, is the 14 yo going to get up and eat, and be ready in time that is expected? EXACTLY.. not if you are actually going to be doing manual labor and its like 11 degrees outside. (not exactly but it felt like it).

I was up, coffee pot brewing, breakfast eggs almost complete - and something.. I do not know what it was... forces from beyond, forces me to the craft cave, and within moments I am inking cardstock that I had punched (with the retired ornament punch- dang it!!!).

TA DA...

Now before you get all crazy like.. OH MY GOSH THAT IS JUST A BEAUT... its so big, she doesn't fit into any envelope! ... LOL.. not even one I got a template for.. but in any case... here she is... her petals are just stuck in there since I cannot decide what I want there.. and of course shes alittle top heavy.. like me! LOL.

She has some friends, in red, white, and in apricot! - Where are they? you might ask.... hiding... they might be attached to gifts for mothers day... but enjoy her.. though you cannot have her - since after all, shes too big to travel! (shes retired, she would love to travel!LOL)

Closer view. I am so giddy about this, I had to snap shots with my phone and send to friends for viewing!

Happy hump day!

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Basement Stamper said...

You have every reason to be giddy about this one, it is gorgeous!!