Monday, March 22, 2010

Glassine bags +Chocolate + sun = My lessoned learned

A few weeks ago, I got out my glassine bags from SU! (Holiday Mini?) I decided they would be the perfect size for a few chocolate covered pretzels and turtles to head overseas just in time for the Easter holiday... I made dozens of them... I was extremely happy with the outcome and then just waited patiently for the time I could send them when they would arrive closer to Easter.

I put the goodies in the car, to mail over lunch since a post office is only a few miles from work. Nothing big, I got all the paperwork for the USPS completed, and then couldn't go. And couldn't go the next day. So on day 3, I was like WHOA... its been in the 60-70s over the course of the day - I wonder what the candies look like?.. OH MY LORD.. some of them (the turtles) were a nightmare... so I brought them inside at work, in the fridge it all went to 'form'.

Well you do not want to know what the pretzels with Carmel kisses on them topped with a pecan looked like from when it melted to when it formed after being chilled! There were survivors! HOORAY!!!!

The survivor "team" made it safely to the post off the early morning of day 4, along with other goodies that I thought the soldiers would enjoy! So it wasn't totally lost.. the co- workers/kids eat the messed up versions, and the soldiers get extra goodies! LOL!!!

So here is a survivor:

I used the scallop oval die from the BIG SHOT, to make the handle, and the bag band. I used the Vintage Labels (SAB stamp set) for the scalloped circle punch out "tag". All in retired SU! DSP.

If my calculations are correct, they will arrive April 2 - and then can be distributed accordingly. I am a little upset on the mess of the chocolates, but lets face it - one cannot really count on the weather to be really what the meteorologist says!



julie said...

That is too funny! I know I have heard stories from the other end in Afghanistan! My Son says when they receive things, sometimes half the fun is try to guess what the item is supposed to be! Where he is it is already in the mid 90's most days, so chocolates are out for Easter :(

luv2stamp said...

I live in Arizona and cannot begin to tell you how many times I've done this; most recently with Girl Scout cookies I bought and forgot were in my car...OH MY! Thanks for sharing the cute glassine bag idea!

Carol V said...

These are really cute...and I had my Watercolor Crayons all 48 in the large tin.....left in my car in Iowa in a parking lot just after convention, in August. YIKES....only lost one crayon though, I was able to salvage the rest.