Friday, March 19, 2010

Watch out for the Turtles!!

Here's the story -

When my daughter was little (ok younger, I mean shes only 12), and people would leave the house from visiting ,we would tell them to "drive carefully, watch for deer"... since they habitated in the area of which we lived. Then it happened, on the way home one day, we spotted a turtle one the road. I stopped, got out and moved it across the road (whether it was the direction in which it was headed or not, I do not know..). Got back in the car, and went home. She asked me why I did that. I told her it could have gotten hit on the road, and turtles are not common around here, so apparently its out of its element.

Since that moment, we still continue with our good bye routine of "Drive carefully, watch for deer", and she adds " and Turtles".

So in honor of the humor of my daughter I give you todays card:

This little turtle is from the Fox & Friends set. They are an adorable group of animals - fun for me since I have little animals in my stash.GASP!!!!... that is what I keep saying too! I went pretty earthy on the tones of paper here. It just seems to flow!

Ingredients: CS-Chocolate Chip, Whisper White, Old Olive, Only Orange; Stamps: Hello Again, Fox & Friends; Scalloped edge punch, ribbon

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