Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Time for Tealight holders

OK, so maybe its just time I get some stuff done. To my defense, I spent the last few days before my surgery, visiting a friend of mine in South Carolina, participating in a 4 mile Beachathon and then road tripping it home.. with ZERO FAT consumed in my diet... yes, and you can think "Oh how bad can it be?"... not a LOWFAT DIET... A NO FAT DIET.. not even the GOOD FATS!! .. Let me tell ya, it wasn't pleasant, but I made due.. now I am going through recovery and its still not pleasant... after all, I would like to say I usually eat pretty CLEAN anyways.. but not even the good fats.. it was TOUGH! ... I am getting better.. every day.. a new day!
If we can rewind a bit, on Mothers day, I came home from the weekend with my kids at the shore to have my sister drive me to the hospital, since I couldn't shake this ill feeling I had with EVERYTHING I ATE and really drank.. so there wasn't much of a Mothers Day for my mom, or my sister that drove me to the ER at 5 pm, but I have for you their belated gifts.

And now the tealights holders:

The tealights weren't totally ready for photos but I had to get them while I remembered. They are really easy to make, and while I would like to say I will make a few more.. it will be done when I have a bit more time on my hands.
Tealights holders: Galvanized sheeting (for roofing); Big Shot Flower Folds, crystal effects
Mothers Card: The Stampin Up! Success Magazine had a clock in it using some of the new colors, with all sorts of flower punches.. I duplicated the look for a card, using some soon to be kissed goodbye- colors!

Thanks for coming back to look!!!

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