Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fabric Pins

First let me say - my craft cave, has been turned into a man cave over the last few weeks, and honestly just looks like a holding cell for military garb. I say this because even my craft table has been overcome with some sort of military pins, camouflage some things, notebooks and shave kit items...its very manly! Note its fantastic having him home and I wouldn't have it any other way... truly... honestly... and this isn't me trying to convince myself out of it either...

So with that being said, you will know that I haven't done much but sit in the desk chair and chat with him, in the cave while he puts "stuff" away, piles of "stuff" that isn't needed on a monthly basis, and gets "stuff" put into a locker for shipping back to base... By "stuff": I mean I do not have a clue what all of it is, where it all came from but I know its not hanging out at the house much longer, because he said so... not I.

OK, now back to the fabric pin stuff... With limited supplies I managed to put a few fabric pins together. Now, trust me when I say IF I CAN DO THIS, SO CAN YOU... because, I did not use a sewing machine, but spent more time looking at fabric then putting them together. HONESTLY!

Here are my first two attempts at BIG SHOT FABRIC PINS:

Pin #1:

Using the silver brad set, this is what I call winging it.. and boy did I need a Wingman..
Its going to be made over... stay tuned!
Pin #2

Same material. I inked the corderoy brad with cherry cobbler for more color.

I realize that maybe this is why I just barely made it out of home economics in high school. If it wasn't for my cooking ability I would probly still be in that room, riping apart the hem on a skirt.. Thank heavens thats all over! The pieces are all glued together, nothing is stitched.

Patty Bennett showed the glue technique here. And I thought I would try it out. Of course, I have a few more I have to finish up - so fingers crossed it gets better from here!

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