Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day 10... Dying for Dove

OK, so dying MIGHT be a bit of an over exaggeration... but the oddest {{grammar teacher- is that a word?}} thing happened yesterday... I heard there was a such thing as a DOVE CHOCOLATIER... Chocolatier - I say????.. well I am a chocolatier... or so I claim to be one.. but these people get paid to sell Chocolate?... excuse me? You mean, there is a chance that outside these corporate walls - there is a chance I could get paid for being a chocolatier? ... SOMEONE tell me MORE... It can't be true?   {SERIOUSLY - IF YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS - SEND ME AN EMAIL - I AM DYING TO SEE WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT!!! greetingsbychera  at  yahoo  dot  com }

So I went home and squeezed 4 Dove (DARK CHOCOLATE ALMOND) candies into a cello bag and rocked out another little holder.... since this is how I roll {{this is what happens when you eat them before posting}} This is such an old treat holder from Splitcoaststampers - but I like it... ALOT!..


Yes, I managed to keep 8 Dove candies out and put these together... I am the dark chocolate queen.. oh hell, I am just a chocolate queen - no matter what your flavor! 

Inside of Treat bag holders

These are the yummy holders together.. arent they just a beauty? I love the wild wasabi color -- even before it was brought back into SU! I hoarded the last sheets I had for 'special people', now I probly more with every order.. just so I am not caught without it!  

The color challenge came to be by Curtain Call - those ladies rock out the best challenges - you can visit them here.

Again - do not forget, leave me some love and your name   gets to be entered for some blog candy... and lets be smart about this -- if you want the blog candy - you will have to leave your name - even email - even if you hide it.. otherwise, howe will I contact you? Are you going to be stopping by on February 15 for the announcement and all the instructions? {{please say yes- please say yes...}}

Blog Candy

Curtain Call Color Challenge Act 68 

Well this is Chera Cupid saying:
                          Thanks for stopping by!
           Hug the ones you love!
Have a bite of chocolate on me!


scrapstampcrazy said...

Yes I have been nvited to a Dove chocolate party and there is always a direct sales person for Dove at the crops I attend. Cute holders, what are they called on Splitcoast so I can look them up. I love the colors, good challenge.

Donna said...

Fun project! I'll have to look that up on SCS. Love the colors and the heart that's made of flowers is very cute!

carol h said...

Thank you for sharing such a cute project. A great job on the heart flowers. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

To one dark chocolate queen to your Dove chocolate candy holders...especially your "flowered" heart. I'll be making some of these! Ellen

Jenn said...

Dark chocolate....mmmmmmm......(like Homer Simpson would say) Another awesome project - who is your special lucky valentine that gets all these treats? me me me?!? Have no clue how you did the cute flowers...but keep up the good work! -Jenn

Basement Stamper said...

very cute and I love the heart of flowers...think I might have to CASE this for my sweety for his birthday (Valentine's Day)

meonlake said...

Chera Cupid - another great project. I'm making these for my friends (but they may not get 4 pieces). Let me know what you find out on being a chocolatier. That would be a 'dream' job. Thanks for sharing / enabling my chocolate habit!
Marsha E
cmc_marsha at bellsouth dot net

Alison said...

I love the heart made from flowers! And, yes being a chocolatier would be an awesome experience. Any form of chocolate is fine with me, but I dearly love Lindor truffles (mild chocolate). They are to die for.
Thanks for sharing another great project.

Kimberly S. said...

My very first experience with a chocolatier was about 2 years ago when I went to a Chocolate and Stampin' Up party! I didn't know what either was at the time...I was just going with a friend...and because there was chocolate! Now I am in LOVE with SU....and I've always loved chocolate, but I think it would be sooooo cool to be a chocolatier!!!

I LOVE your flower heart!!! That is just so cool and inventive!! And Dove dark choclates are my fav!!!!

Kimberly S.

Tory said...

Wow, Chera! Love, love LOVE the heart made of flower punches. I think I will have to case that myself. I love those littel holders, too. And who doesn't love chocolate?

Anonymous said...

Love your chocolate creations! My daughter, Donna, is a Dove Chocolatier. You ladies need to connect and chat! I have sent you an email (possibly 3) because I am not tech savvy and still manage to mess things up sometimes. Sorry for the multiples, I just hope 1 makes it thru to you.

Patrice H said...

Well arn't these the cutest little bags o chocolate I have ever seen!
Darling! I love the Bow/tie part. I forgot about that one !
trygod20 @ verizon dot net
I have left a message every day hope I did not forget to put my addy on any of my messages ???

A Touch of SOL said...

Too Cute! Love the heart created from the flowers...TFS!
atouchof_sol at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

You make wonderful cards and stuff.. sweet and simple, although all those flowers probably took a while to put together. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. BJ (

Sandi said...

Well of course I will be back for the instructions!! I love, love, love this idea and your layouts. Very elegant.
Sandi Dailey

ArtisticInkspirations said...

Love the little packets, would love to have the inst. I have put you in my blog following list! TFS.

SamieVt said...

Ooohhhhh ... so cute. I love anything that includes chocolate. Yes, I am a chocolate addict but chocolatier? Hmmmm - sounds like heaven!

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