Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day 12... Love mobile...

What you may not know about me... is I am pretty GREEN... I am probly alittle more Green than most people... I Recycle, Reuse and Repurpose a lot.. its not obscessive... or at least I claim that I am pretty normal about it all. I like most people, have pretty canvas, thermal totes that I take to the stores with me, for my groceries, I also have mesh bags for my veggies and fruit. I have a garden that i love to tend to  - of course, this off sets my baking splurges come spring/summer/fall.   I have made papercrafts with my old Pringles tin, toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, etc. This is what we do! 

This is just what we do... but this is what happens when you say to the"other 1/2" in the house "How about invisioning this  {holding an empty Tombow adhesive box} into a van" ... for the next 2.5 hours - we cut, we measured, we designed a cute van - that even was equiped with side windows & a moon roof... something tells me hes hasn't been totally honest when discussing his past vehicles... I can say honestly that I never in my wildest ideas ever thought it was going to turn out like this!

Love mobile

Top of Love mobile

So I learned a very valuable lesson... ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!!  It might just take some trial and error, a colorful imagination, and sometimes a pot (or two) of coffee {{French pressed - even}}! It all was great fun. Its nice having someone else around that can give sight on a project and I didn't have to twist his arm - or beg him to do it (ok, we fought over scissors versus punch once.. and he saw MY WAY.. so its all good!).

I stuffed the bus/mobile with chocolate covered pretzels.. since we were munching on them while we worked on the project. However the inside is big enough for the mini loaves of bread (and if I had managed to get to the freezer I would have stuffed one in there as proof).

So its no LOVE MACHINE.. but its a great LOVE MOBILE... with recycling too!  Do not forget about BLOG CANDY - leave me some LOVE and your name gets entered.. WINNER will be announcee on February 15, along with instructions for the projects (minus this mobile - I hope you are ok with that since I couldn't keep up with madness happening with that box! LOL)    



Debbie Martin said...

The van is too cute! Any project that gets the hub involved is a good thing. :)

Erin said...

What a cool idea! Great imagination Chera! This one rocks!

meonlake said...

Chera cupid - that van is way cute!! Reminds me of the 60's. Thanks for sharing!
Marsha E
cmc_marsha at bellsouth dot net

Jenn said...

Great creativity - My daughter is a school teacher and she loved this idea - she gave you a "A". Thanks!

Patrice H said...

Are you kidding. This is adorable I love it! I loved the moon roof :)