Sunday, June 26, 2011

My time off

Its been two weeks... or maybe alittle more  since I have posted. I have good reason... I promise! 
 I took a much needed, no teens vacation. While some may not think that it a great reason - since I was only really on vacation 7 days, I needed some time to me. Some time where I could do this:

for many hours and not have to answer the "Hey, Mom!" ... followed by a "can I...?"

I did dream alittle like - seeing myself out in this..forever.!!!!

After you put yourself in lots of this white sand - you start to think you will never return to mowing yards, or tending gardens, answer phones or even grocery shopping again - because this is the life I was to live...


then reality kicked in ... all because I heard this:

So I truly enjoyed my vacation- and hated to come home to reality but Destin, Florida will be there for me next time I need a break .... from being a mom and the corporate world!
Thank you for your understanding.

Now, we are days away from the last chance items in the 2010-2011 catty... and only days away from all the exciting new stuff in the 2011-2012 catty... stay tuned!

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