Friday, January 4, 2013

Celebration in the making

HAPPY 2013!!!

Yes, we put a date on the calendar over Thanksgiving and now the race is on... for me to figure out a wedding and all its details. Its not that I haven't had enough time. We have been engaged for ... hmmm...3 years...I know I know I know... but seriously I wasn't the girl with the 3 ring binder full of details of my "wedding".

So I had to get Save the dates out before Christmas, so all our out of state friends and family would have enough planning time. I didn't make my first deadline...given to me by the 1SG, for a few reasons, a) needed to draft Save the dates in between Christmas cards, and craft shows was more difficult than I imagined; b)the guest list was increasing every time I turned around;  c) the date moved twice due to venue. ... thats my story!  


1SG is actively involved with planning. Once the date was decided, he helped choose the colors {eggplant, wisteria, sand and limeade}, decide on the reception venue, groomsmen attire, his ring, designs/ theme of wedding and more.... now once you pick your chin up, also know that he is painting our wedding "guest book" - which more details will follow on that end. 

Once I got the save the dates mailed, we discussed wedding favors... after three different designs, 1SG choose the pillow box, which will house chocolates... hello I am like 30 minutes from HERSHEY... not such a stretch for us! Simple for me. Its these flowers that might drive me mad first! 


Any advice for me?  

This wedding is a simple elegant wedding. The teens will give me away in a small ceremony on Friday night, and then Saturday is the reception. We are trying to use local resources most of our guests are from out of town, we figure we will support Central PA as much as we can! WAHOO!! 

So I am not really hiding outside the blogsphere, I am just trying to keep on trucking along... May isn't that far away! 

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day! Hug the ones you love! 

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