Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What I liked from Pinterest- Wednesday

I am a Pinterest Addict.
I admit that the day may come where I get rid of every magazine, cookbook and organizing clip in the house because its all right there on a link. I have to set time restrictions for myself. My recent menus are based off items I have seen on there and pinned.
If you have no idea what "pinterest" is, save yourself... run... 

My card: 


I used the Washi Tape to bring the design to the card.  I have had this washi for about 6 months and all of sudden I am like taping all the cards I can to get the in the mail/stash since I need them. OH well.

Pinterest card:


Thank you for stopping by! 
Have a great day! 
Hug the ones you love! 

1 comment:

Basement Stamper said...

I love how your card turned out, the washi tape looks great!