Monday, September 9, 2013

Manly Monday

 The 1SGT and I headed to the family's beach house in Delaware, though it was just the two of us... HE was attending a High Power Rifle Match, about an hour north of where we were.  This meant I would be in charge of meals and entertaining myself for about 10 hours a day. (what a weekend getaway right?) 

With sunrises like this at 0600

Entertainment during the day 


And evening walks along the water


I didn't feel bad about making 8 Christmas cards, finishing 2 paperback romances,  and purchasing a Chicken BBQ dinner from a church fundraiser. Instead of the "to do list" I had in mind.  

I also made 5 cards for the 1SGT while he is away this week in VA, for training. I snuck them in his briefcase (since he obviously wasn't around) - one for every day this week while he is gone.. I labelled the envelopes and hope he not only takes notice to them but opens them on the promised day.  

So here is Monday: 

I went with designing a handcarved tree and added our initials. We have never put our initials in an actual tree but we have done found postcards of trees and done this numerous times. Its fun, its manly and I only had limited supplies with me. {wink wink} 


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Basement Stamper said...

Looks like an amazing scenic trip. Glad you got some things done, even if they weren't on your "to-do" list. Always nice to be able to relax a little bit.