Wednesday, March 11, 2009

4 Nugget boxes

So made a bunch of the nugget boxes for the ladies at work. They were alot of fun to make.. simple and just a touch of elegance! My daughter picked the double sided paper and adhered the paper on the nuggets, while I conqueored the task of cutting the box out.

The paper comes from a variety of sources... Martha Stewart, K & ...gosh its a blank..., and Stampin up!

I didn't have directions to follow to make these... I saw them once on some Yahoo group but didn't pay it attention until I had some nugget candies and wasn't sure what to do.

My box bottom is 3 1/4 by 3 7/8 (but that might have been alittle smaller) and I scored the bottomat about 5/8 - all sides. The transparency was cut 2 3/4 by 6, and red sicky tape it together. Tie with ribbon. Presto its complete.

Thanks for looking!

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Alicia K said...

Had to come check out your blog! Love all your projects!!!