Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sage and Grey kind of day.

Its like being in one of those moods where its just BLAH. .you know the type..Well I have one of those days.. therefore I am passing this on to you.. in a good way.. I promise!

I have a ton of sage shadow paper that I really was hoarding for my boss's cards, since she loves this color so much, she painted her bathroom for the guests this shade. But really with the new renovation of the colors, I wanted to use some of it now... which now taht I have used about 4 sheets she will decide she wants invitations for something made with it. (That is the type of day it is!)

Anyways, it doesn't have a sentiment..its clean and simple.. its going to be a sympathy card after the news that I got yesterday, but still looking for the "right words".

I scored outside the white border, twice, which doesn't reflect on the photo, but I like it. The stamp set (Hostess - Of the Earth) I haven't used and really am not sure why I brought the two stamps out now, must be my farewell gift.

Thank you for stopping by! Have a great day!

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Back Porch Stamper said...

Love the simplicity of your card. TFS