Monday, November 29, 2010

White or Grey, either way, its snowflakes

We had snow flurries during our little Thanksgiving break .. didn't amount to anything more then squinting really hard while looking out the window... But I AM NOT COMPLAINING!!!!.. It will come soon enough.

Simple and quick.. that was my goal.... and I hope that when these cards travel with their food packages, they are received and enjoyed just as well.

Here is my white cardbase version:

and my grey cardbase version:
Which do you like bettter???
Lovely son of mine says "Do you think someone will pay attention to the card rather then the food its with, Mom?" .. I guess not.. but I want to think so!

Have a great day!!!!


Basement Stamper said...

Of course they will care about the card!!! I'm partial to the white card base, I think the purple blends in too much with the grey but if you wanted it to POP just a tad bit more, you could double layer white on grey.

Myrna said...

They are both lovely. I am partial to white sooo---.
Who ever gets the card will enjoy both it and the food. There is nothing better than a care package. :)