Sunday, November 28, 2010

Manly Merry Christmas

My BIGGEST FAN.. my most HONEST COACH.. and my OTHER HALF... ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS wants my cards for whatever he needs... of course HE SHOULD!!!!...

He asks right after Thanksgiving.. not right after the big dinner, usually during the weekend that I am off my FT job, for his Christmas cards... he says" just do what you do.." and I always try to get just the right balance of masculine and holiday spirit.

This year I got it right - in two versions -

Version one:

Version two:

There are only 10 of these since I was running low on red buttons! The other version there is 20 cards, since I hoarded all the brushed silver brads in my stash! I got the idea from Tiffany Bauer. I changed the colors and didn't use ribbon, I used paper in Artichoke.
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