Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh Deer!

What an exhausting night! I had planned my last minute card making for some of the gifts under the tree, but someone else had something else planned. I got home and learned that a stray pup (yes pup- maybe 10 weeks old) got hit by a car and hid under my shed. She was hurt (hind end but not sure how severe). When the humane society arrived, he poked it with a stick - couldn't get her out and left... after an altercation with the one neighbor, whose property borders mine. I guess, he was going to let her lie there and die - he said "well if she comes out, I can get her." ... well dang so can I, I thought! The local fire dept and police arrived about an hour later and worked their tails off to get her out - humanely and successfully- then a police officer took her to a vet in the local area - I hope she recovers and is able to be adopted out. But my heart still breaks for her.

In the meantime, I had remembered I did swap of sorts... so here is my little reindeer:

(cellphone picture- my apologizes for lack of clarity)

The ornament tag is fuzzy, I apologize. Itied it up with hempt on the Kraft ribbon.

Thank you for stopping by.. now here is hoping today is not as exhausting!

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