Friday, December 17, 2010

From our home to yours...

SILLY ME... thought I woould make 4 different cards for sending this year - besides what I made for my better half... and I was to make cookies, ship packages and... well become totally overwhelmed.... so I took a step back. Made my lists... since I am a list gal..Got all my shopping completed - wrapped- and tagged. YEAH!!!! Got to the post office for my package materials and stamps. YEAH!!!! I made my cookie list. Got ingredients. YEAH!!! Good to go... Then it dawned on me - I didnt get to my cards.

I looked thru to see what I had so far, and instead of making 40 cards, I redid some of my cards in my stash... SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH dont tell. Hey - its not like its a REGIFT or anything.. call it my GREEN Christmas meaning RECYCLE/REUSE...

Today: I have two versions - one from the stash - and the remake... please enjoy!

The middle was blank so I still had the ability to manipulate it with new items.

Here is the refreshed version:

First: I added some vanilla smooch to the wreath, and some glitter {{though not too evident in the picture}}. We wanted to have some snow on the door so I used some liquid applique and the heat gun. It loooks better in real life. I then put the banner on FROM OUR HOME TO YOURS.
This year looks to be the year it will leave my stash.

This weekend is cookie baking - so I cannot promise many new cards but maybe some yummalicious goodies!

Thanks for stopping by!


lifesabeach32940 said...

Chera ~ Your card is GORGEOUS!! I absolutely LOVE it!! I hope you don't mind a few questions. :)

Do you remember what size rectangles/squares you used to make the door?

What is vanilla smooch? Do you just spray it on and allow it to dry?

Is liquid applique easy to use? Do you just squeeze it on where you want it then dry it with your heat gun?

Again ~ this is a GORGEOUS card. I love how you showed the "before and after pictures."

Thanks for your help!!


needleup said...

It looks like you used a die cut for the wreath. Will you share.