Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Hero... and ...a small glimpse in my personal world...

{{ project is at bottom of post- first is just a small glimpse about me & my hero}}

I am 34. I have recently figured out that I am a foodie. I am a single mother of two teenagers (13 year old girl, 15 year old boy), their father passed away in 2002, car accident. We were never married.  I read a lot. Its my escape so I do not read much that makes you think..{wink wink}. 

Though my first name is CheraLynn, I prefer Chera, since not many people get that right either! {{smiles, laughs}}. I laugh - a lot... mainly at myself. ... sometimes at my children. 

I work full time outside the house and am the Executive Assistant for the Corporate Vice President Compensation & Benefits. One of my favorites duties is assisting in the processes of International Mobility (expats). I used to work in Intellectual Property (patents) for this same company. This job is where I met my fiancee.

His name is John, but since hes a 1SG, I have almost been trained to call him Yank (short version of his last name). Of course, this gets his attention more than his first name, unless you throw in the middle name, then he thinks he is in trouble. He has been in the National Guard for 23 years. He holds a civilian job- in which has gone from the manufacturing floor to the corporate world in about 14 years.

At the workplace, we met when he moved to the location in which I work - and had to pass my office to get the coffee room - this sparked morning hellos and eventually dinner after work - that ladies and gentlemen was just over 5 years ago. I have high hopes that 2011 has something like wedding bells in store for me... {{fingers crossed}}

Yank is my hero. He is my 'first and my last'.. the first person I want to tell something to and the last person I want to see at night.

Ok now on to the project:

Homemade paper Flower & Rhinestones
A few years ago, I attended a class where we made paper... put inkers on the paper, blew threw straws, used wet naps, you name it I think we used it! Once the paper dried- we stamped images on it, with Stazon ink. I filed this paper in a box and recently when I was cleaning up my goodies from Christmas FOUND IT! I used it to classy up this frame of Yank and I.   I used the Island Floral BIgz Die from SU! to make the flower in which I did scrunch up. I tied the petals together with chocolate ribbon, and knotted it then put a rhinestone on the top (some of this shows).

 Due to the fact that I didn't have instructions on making the designed paper, I cannot give you more instruction than I did - my apologies.

Thanks for stopping by!
Hug and kiss the ones you love!


Basement Stamper said...

Love this frame, it's absolutely beautiful. And of course, I love reading more about you.

Myrna said...

Lovely frame for a lovely couple. Of course the love story is great as well. (just in time for Valentines Day).