Friday, January 14, 2011

One month from today.. its Valentines Day

Lets get a little romantic for a moment...  after all the office LOVE day is one MONTH away!

Lets turn the over head lights off. ..

What? You cannot turn the lights off.. oh go ahead, get your candles, and your matches, and be so nervous that you don't burn yourself, you cannot even enjoy the moment.... go ahead, I will wait.... are you ready?

My other half isn't much of a candle guy. Its not the smell - its the fact that he had a buddy whose house burnt down and trapped his wife and he in it - so therefore, if its not battery operated, I doubt it will be inside my home...

Here is my fix:

Isn't it cute?

Dont worry, when I figure out how to fix my template for showing, I will share... I promise...

{{{Edited 1/24/11: here is a link to a Vellum Lampshade  template and directions. Of course the directions are endless with something like this! Have fun! }}}

 6 inch Wine glass & Vellum shade

Bet you can have a romantic dinner without the worry now - right?  Conversation can still linger over the flicker of the flame. And when you are done, you can turn it off and not worry about the smoke from the candle... one last thing to worry about. 

No stamps! (though you could!)
Vellum paper
 Decorative scissors, adhesive, sheer ribbon
 6 inch wine glass (I used other sides too, so I can stagger the look - I am thinking wedding table centerpieces!!)

Thank you for stopping by!

Hugs the one you love!

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Adela said...

Fabulous idea!