Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just a little thanks, Just for you...

I make little gifts for the kind gestures people do..I tell the kids "its a mean mean world out there, so I am making it better one gift of thanks at time".

For instance, the neighbor who will picks up my trashcans when they are blowing in the street on garbage day before I get home for work - he scored some homemade bread this holiday season. The co workers who will see my coffee cup in the kitchen and will fill it up with coffee and bring to me, or wash it up - get all sorts of goodies from sweet treats to office calendars/items . The are the best critics too! LOL

Recently, I had a stray puppy that hid under my shed, and I had to call the township fire company to come and get her out... so made these.. to give them, and filled with
chocolates. {{EDITED 1/18/11: Puppy has surgery, recovering well, and is currently in a loving home about 4 miles from my house. Officer who took her to the vets went on cruise, and recently got back in touch with me.. he was shocked I followed up since most do not.}}

I figured two things - 1) it was my way of showing I grateful for what they did.
                                2) After they ate the chocolates, they could refill it or put a gift card in & pass it forward.

Posey Matchbox
Guess I should have shown you all 23 I made, since I had no idea how many I needed...when I showed up with the and the fire chief said, "15 Volunteer Fire man showed up, Ma'am", then he pointed at the township police building that was next door - "Two officers were dispatched" and he nodded and walked away... so off I went. When I was done with the officersw  I had a few left, and gave them to the receptionist at the front desk. It just seemed like the right thing to do.  It gave me such a great feeling- to be able to thank them in a manner I wasn't sure how to do.. though its their job, I am sure they do not get the thanks they deserve!

Stamps: Just Believe
CS: Crumb Cake, Cherry Cobbler, Wild Wasabi
Ink: Cherry Cobbler
Hempt thread, Two step Bird punch (leaves), XL Flower punch,vanilla ribbon (center)
Big Shot- matchbox die

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Hug the ones you love!


Shore Girl said...

What a thoughtful (and BEAUTIFUL!) gesture! Way to make the world a better place "one thank you at a time."

Basement Stamper said...

I bet these went over with flying colors they are so beautiful!

Tami Black said...

What is that fabulous poem about how I am one and although I cannot do it all, I refuse not to do what I can do? I love your attitude and think this is a fabulous lesson for your children!

Lorraine Castellon-Rowe said...

What a wonderful story Chera!! I love that you are changing the mean world one gift at a time. I think I'll try that too and teach my son that same value! Your box is absolutely gorgeous! What a nice box to reuse and put a nice gift in for Valentines day!! Do you know how the puppy is doing? I'd love an update. :0)

Shari said...

love this. What a great thing to do. You operate like I do, and yes, it is great, and hopefully the wee puppy is doing good.

all the best, and keep it up.

Judy Marshall said...

Chera...such a pretty little box! I love the flower too and I love your story! Hope the puppy is okay! What a lovely way to change the world...thanks for sharing!

Hugs ~ Judy

Anonymous said...

I agree with the many other comments...What a kind and thoughtful gesture. I love what you are teaching to your children and that you are sharing with others the appreciation of their kindness...The appreciation you share of someone Else's kindness is likely seen by others, which can also create more random acts of kindness...a "Pay it Forward" philosophy. I am inspired by your post today. Thank you for sharing with us.

MaGoooo said...

What a kind and thoughtful jester! Having a hubby whose on the volunteer fire dept, i know what kind jesters mean to them!! Most of all THANK YOU for caring!

Carol said...

Quite obviously you knocked thier socks off - in the best way possible! More of us need to do this...thanks for the reminder!

kim said...

a little thanks goes a long way!! you're a gem!