Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 5... Be Goofy

 Fridays are my fun days. They are days where I can put a pair of jeans on and head to the office and be more 'relaxed'... they are in essence my "goofy" days.  Its usually a day where I get the shredding completed that has been building all week long and do the things you do not want to messy with! 

So here is to GOOFY FRIDAYS!!!!

 I used a color combination from the Color coach that I wouldn't have put together myself..  More Mustard, Cherry Cobbler and Baja Breeze.  I guess my head hears MUSTARD and CHERRY and gets all grossed out... I mean really..  or maybe even worse.. Cherry Cobbler and Mustard.. Ewwww..

Then I had to add another chocolate element to the mix... so you have Cherry Cobbler, More Mustard and Rocha Ferraro chocolates!

The little basket is made with a 5 x 5 piece of More Mustard that I scored at 1 inch on all sides to make the box.  Handle and tag were made using scraps as were the toppers of the chocolates!

I am not sure who comes up with the naming conventions of these colors.. however, its no wonder I snack while I stamp.. thes mostly have food names...geez...  When it really dawned on me, was this years  IN COLORS.. when I was overheard ordering PEACH PARFAIT.. the teens were thought it was going to be dessert!  

Have a great GOOFY Friday! 

Hug the ones you love!

Thanks for stopping by!

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Shore Girl said...

What a cute (and yummy) looking little set!