Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 4 - Girly Birthday Invites

This may look to the average person as some what of a mess... when actually its a "work of art" in progress....   invites and cupcake picks.. I am a punchin lady at the moment!

They are my "speak no evil" monkeys... 

Get it? No mouths .. yet...cannot speak... ok.. you are a tough crowd today!  

This is the end masterpiece... 

Won't they make a great invite for a 3 year old's birthday party  - since their cousin 'stole' the cupcake party idea party?
I do not have hard feelings about this, I will make whatever she wants.. but my supplies available were for cupcakes... but now the "cupcakes" that will be there - will have "monkey faces" on them. I have enjoyed punching these little monkeys out, they all have personalities of their own! When you are entering the 25 monkey stage you gotta love them!

I think they are adorable... and on your birthday you should monkey around a little!

I think the googly eyes won my sister over... I mean the flower in the hair runs a close second... but I am just sayin'.

Have a great day!
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Hug the ones you love!


Back Porch Stamper said...

These are just darling! Love your idea.

Anonymous said...

Hi, These are beautiful - well done. I have done similar previously and use the piece left after you have cut the oval (mouth) to draw the mouth with. Just put it half way over the oval and draw the curve. Hope this helps. Thanks for sharing your amazing work for all to share. From another Dianne

Debbie Martin said...

Just love these! My daughter will too :)

meonlake said...

Loving these adorable little monkeys - how cute is this with those googly eyes!! Thanks for sharing.
Marsha E

Deb B (Debadoo) said...

These are so adorable!!