Monday, March 7, 2011

The Flapper

Its ironic that I would choose the FLAPPER  to showcase today. For a variety of reasons in which you will hear in a moment, this makes me laugh, since I could really cry about it... but if you cannot laugh about your troubles at some point they will  just eat you alive... right?

The flapper is a box from the creation of Lauren Meader, you will have to google her, I cannot link you to her My Time, My Creations <-- thats a hint for you -- site since she designers stamps that would compete with SU!  OK?  Thanks.

Yes, I purchased the box, and I have been waiting to put this together... and when I did - it was bigger than I thought, but I still like it. And then it sat for a long time, unembellished... until now. I kept it simple and enjoyed using the colors from Color Q to embellish the 'flapper'.
My "flapper" story - yesterday in Central PA, we had over 2 inches of rain fall.. and wind that  could take small children and dogs to nearby states.. if you get my drift. With this incredible rain (that I will state wasn't in the forecast) there was flooding.. ALL OVER THE PLACE. Now, I live at the base of a mountain, which normally means I get the run off of water, and I live in a house that was built in 1946 and probly has the septic of that era as well.... do you people know where I am going with this??? I spent my morning crumping about the rain, and the saturated yard (aka septid field), had to load the teens in the car twice for 'trips to Walmart'... if you can imagine  this... I claimed after supper - which the rain now turned to sleet and then we were to get some snow - that you will "pretend that we are camping"... after the words left my mouth, the power started to flicker... mainly due to the wind and then the sleet on top of it... it was all icing on the cake.  The boys laughed as I got the flashlights out, and some battery operated tealights, just incase we needed them.  The drains were slow all around the house. The toilet wouldn't flush. I was concerned for the power.  Needlessto say, we had quite a night!  I didn't sleep well, since all i kept worrying about was using the bathroom in the morning before work. Then the power would flicker... so it was a sleepless night. Woke up to almost 5 inches of snow/slushy on the ground, with the wind still in high gear. Though the teens and I got it shoveled, the wind made any 'enjoyment of the snow' painful!    So here's to a flapper that is now working!!!! ...


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