Wednesday, March 9, 2011


My family hails more GERMAN, than others, but my mother swears we have some Irish hertitage in us as well.. nonetheless, I do not recall ever making a big deal about the holiday... maybe had a few Guiness with the friends after a day at the office, or made something alittle Irish for dinner.. but not much else.

NOT this year... OH HECK NO!.. we are pushing out 12 St. Patricks Day cards, and a few 3D items - and I learned that I will be seeing Henry Rollins on  the BIG DAY, this year! WAHOO!!!! I only know him from being in the Black Flag punk rock group.. and then I grew up, had kids... you know the drill, so I do not know much of what hes been up to lately!

I stumbled upon this blog - HERE and I knew I could do this... its using the Two Step Bird punch!  HECK she even gives the secret to keeping all the petals the same size... LOL.. {{ Yes this means, she gives instructions- so then I do not have to!!}}. I had to improvise some of the colors she used, since the lilac is retired, I used pale plum, but I still love what it did!

I really love this card. If I cannot duplicate it again, I am keeping it for me! LOL. I didn't have much for the holiday stamps, so I did use some funky fonts from the computer to print on the Whisper White. 

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Deb B (Debadoo) said...

Beautiful card!! So glad you stumbled on that blog and that I stumbled on it through you. Shame she doesn't post. You did a great job case'ing and adding your own spin to the card! Most cards I've seen using hearts for clovers I don't really care for, but the white flowers with this really make it beautiful!

RuthieB said...

Wow!!! I think this is the prettiest punch shamrock I've seen! I love the shading you put on it!

Carol said...

I am a huge fan of the Shamrock plants with the green and purple leaves...and the white made this card seem alive...thank you!

Carol J said...

If you aren't Irish, ya oughta be! Your card is gorgeous. Love what you did.
From a German, English, Irish mix....

Anonymous said...

Great card & thanks for the link.
Marsha E