Wednesday, March 2, 2011


In the almost 16 years, I have been a  single mother, today is the ONLY day in which I can claim NOT TO DO MUCH of ANYTHING.. I do not want to cook. clean. make decisions. write checks. shower. work. go to the gym. get out of bed... but many of those items are just necessary for the life in which I have. So I just NOT do the things I can NOT do... does this make sense?  Lets face it, if I do not do some of the items someone may say that is "neglect"... I just say "I will do it tomorrow".. LOL. but I digress.

So you see I can have cake today.. without baking it myself, or going to the bakery and pretending its not for me... not that I have done this {{sheepish grin}}.

 I have asked the teens to be prepared to make their own dinner, since I heard I have dinner reservations... AFTER MY SPINNING class of course, silly me, like I would want to skip that? .. huh.. really, I would!  

I thought these little tealight cakes were adorable! I made the box simply by trial and error. To be honest, more error then trial. I am pleased with the outcome!
This is in hopes I get that camera {hint hint)
Every year, I receive birthday wishes from a dear friend, who has to remember my birthday, since we celebrate it together, but includes this toast, AFTER hes done singing a totally off key version of HAPPY BIRTHDAY...
Another candle in your cake?

Well, that's no cause to pout,

Be glad that you have strength enough

To blow the damn thing out.

CS: Sweet stiches, Daffodil, Whisper white, transparency
Stamps: Bring on the cake
Daffodil ribbon, pearls,
PUNCHES: Boho blossom, scallop edge, scallop circle, slit 

How did she make the Tealight cake? CLICK TEALIGHT CAKE
Where can I find a acetate box like that myself?  Click ACETATE BOX
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Have a great day!
Hug the ones you love!


Basement Stamper said...

That cake is adorable!!! Since it's not edible you can skip the spinning class today :-) Hope you have a very Happy Birthday!

Stace said...

Hahahaha love the toast!!! I may use that on my BFF-I never let her forget she is 19 days older than I am!

meonlake said...

Happy Birthday Week!!
I've been side-tracked with working this week & have missed alot. Just catching up on your projects. Loving all the birthday ideas! Thanks for sharing.
Marsha E