Wednesday, May 4, 2011

April Showers bring May Flowers

Its been a really rainy start to May, so I am not sure how the flowers will really "bloom" but with the Build a Blossom punch, you can have flowers bloom all year long! It took me a while before I knew I HAD TO HAVE this punch... you know, I am the one that looks and looks and then figures out all the angles I can use this punch for -  besides its recommended use... though I am still working on that angle, I will say, it got my attention and made it to the order list NOT TOO LONG AGO!.

Here is todays card:

I used the Island Floral Big Shot die for the center flower (in Daffodil with the Chocolate button attached) and the two pieces behind the punched flowers.

 It been a busy few weeks, for me at my FT job. We were audited, which means work ahead of time and then during and of course after. So my craft room was cleaned up and nearly had nothing hanging out for me to show.. but I did manage some cards, like this, for mothers days inspiration.

If I do not get the chance to wish the mothers out there a HAPPY GLORIOUS DAY, on Sunday, at least I can feel like I made cards that expressed such a sentiment!

Thanks for stopping by!

Hug the ones you love!

Have a great day!

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Myrna Marcano said...

Lovely card and flowers!