Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sock Hop and more...

A local Girl Scout Daisy group is having a SOCK HOP, and the assistant leader wanted some favors for the girls. I couldn't contain my excitement when I realized I had the Sizzix Stocking (Big Shot), arriving a few days after the request. 

  I only then had to figure out how to make it like a favor, meaning 3D... meaning I really needed to look at this in another direction.   I had seen a few really cool things done with this die, but I wanted something simple since I could be making 25 of these. 

Using the Sizzix Box#2 gave me  just the little bit of wiggle room I neede for some treat of a sort! I was able to put in two Twix fun size bars and a PB cup.  I am not sure what the leader has in mind, but I thought it was a good starting point. 

Then I got to thinking.... I have a group that exchanges handcrafted Christmas gifts that we decide on a theme every year... and though we haven't decided on a theme, I could use this as a nice addition to the gifts.

 Since the box is big enough for a gift card, its more fun than just an envelope ...
RIGHT?   I just little bells around the bow for fun!

So why did I use the Lucky Limeade as my sock hop color sample? ... because I was hoping the fact that it was LUCKY, would help close the sale!

Have a great day!

Hug the ones you love!

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Rose said...

So stinking cute, the little Daisy's are going to love them, very creative.

Dorothy V. said...

They will love it!! It is soo darn cute! Great job!! I've been involved with GS for 20 years. I can just see those darling little Daisy's when they see this sock. : )