Thursday, September 1, 2011

Brighten your day...

I really wanted to do something different for the ladies that I give "brighten your day" cards to at a local woman's shelter. These are ladies and children whom are in housed in what is called "safe" homes... depending on the severity of the domestic issues they are dealing with. I can count the number of times I have left after being there with a dry eye on one hand... exactly two fingers ...both times I was too ill to stay and make cards with them, so I dropped off the materials. They have such heart breaking stories - the ladies and their children too.

They make 4 cards.. simple cards. The mothers usually make birthday cards mainly for their children, and thank you cards for the community that helps them out - since technically they do not "mail out" cards. 

I give the ladies at the receptionist desks, and the therapists their own Brighten you day cards... blank inside cards, so they can pass along alittle sunshine to those that come thru the door. 

 I loved being about to throw a tag on the front - so a special message could go in there - and something else on the inside. This works for the therapists as they usually put "encouragement" cards together (which I learned last month). So I incorporated that into the cards this month.

On another note:
I have volunteered to mail out their holiday cards to their relatives for Christmas. This doesn't really seem like a "task" in my world but seems just like a "gift" I can give back.     The cards will be evaluated by the House master, so it doesn't break any rules, and then they will seal them, and give to me, with the postage paid for ... basically I get to act as their postmaster.  I am looking forward to being able to do this for them. 

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Hug the ones you love! {tight}

Have a great day!


Rose said...

Very sweet tag, I just love tags.

Unknown said...

It is wonderful that you do this for your community!