Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rocking Horse

I haven't really used the Stocking die, for the Big Shot, until recently.  I know that its uses are endless. Besides the obvious, creating stockings, and shoes, I loved the thought of a rocking horse. With all these babies coming into the world soon, I figure it may be helpful to have something on hand to put a gift card on for those "OH NO!"{gasp!} moments.

So here it is, with bridle and all.


Of course during the snapping of pictures, I blew a bulb in my craft cave. So I do apologize for the tone change in the pictures.


Yes, how ironic that my only gift card in the home right now is for a car wash!
I did have to use 2 tops of the stocking to secure the paper that holds the gift card.


I will definately be making a few more of these... maybe there is a horse lover in the family ...

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