Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happiness Always...

Did you miss me yesterday? .... first I look at the clock and see its 8:24 and then the next time I got to breath it was 16:45. WOW-time flies when you are so freaking busy you need almost a hall pass to use the restroom. The day started with a very important message from the COO, appointed Jan1 to CEO, of the company that I work FT for. It lasted 3 .5 hours.... my butt hurt, I drank so much water and coffee that if I sneezed, the flood gates would have chased everyone out of the meeting room. BUT it was too much like a "STATE OF THE UNION" address for me to take the opportunity to leave, go and then return. So I didn't.

And as you know - when you return from a meeting that is that lengthy, you cannot just tear into work like normal.... you run around getting little bits done but never accomplishing much at all.... so fast forward to making dinner, getting daughter to swimming, cranking the braces on the son, carving pumpkins, baking apple crisp for the Fall Festival my department is having over lunch today.. and then remembering... you never hit HOME DEPOT to choose a color of paint for the bathroom, or kitchen... oh for the love of pete! ... but I got to do the dance of joy when the Phillies won the World Series, since honestly, I do not remember then winning in the 80's - mostly due to the fact that I probably didn't know the concept of baseball at that age... LOL...

So to share in the Happiness for Phillies fans around... here's a HAPPINESS ALWAYS card... working on that PINK color...see....
. I haven't used the background set in forever, and almost forgot about it. but I think it gives the card a little bit of something extra.
There is a sheer white ribbon that is added, though you cannot see it well in the photo.

Have a great day !!!

Stamps: Finest Flourishes, Happy Harmony
CS: Metallic Green, Pink, white, Black
Pink, Purple, Green, Black Markers
White sheer ribbon
flower punch

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